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    This is basically what I need to be able to do for a project application I&#039ve built in ASP:<BR>- The user wants to add a document for a particular project that exists in the SQLServer database.<BR>- They upload the document (eg a Word doc). <BR>- The document has to always stay associated with that project.<BR>- Anyone with update rights for that project (I control those rights programmatically) must be able to download the document, change it, and then re-upload it.<BR>- I don&#039t want to store the docs in the database, but have a table that points to the file location on the server.<BR><BR>Is this possible?????

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    Yes.<BR><BR>Your best bet is to use a component for the file upload. FileSA(by Software Artisans) is one alternative, as is Microsoft&#039s Posting Acceptor.<BR><BR>Kurt

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