Hello!<BR><BR>Sorry that this is a bit off-topic from the forum, but I see a lot of SQL gurus floating around here...<BR><BR>I need to eliminate duplicates in a recordset. Here&#039;s my SQL:<BR><BR>SELECT NEWDUP.COMBO, NEWDUP.AMOUNT, detail.press_who, detail.desc FROM detail INNER JOIN NEWDUP ON detail.parent = NEWDUP.ID WHERE (((detail.press_who)="Keith"));<BR><BR>The problem is, the entire row is not a duplicate, just the column &#039;NEWDUP.COMBO&#039;. I only want the first occurrence of that field, and not any subsequent duplicate occurrences. Can I do this with access SQL??? Would I use the DISTINCT keyword? I can&#039;t seem to get it to work. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Greg