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    The Admin. of the server added IMail now my CDonts code doesnt work. THe Admin says I should be able to use SMTP.<BR><BR>What am I missing here?<BR>Or whats the code?<BR>Laters

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    Well, I don&#039;t know if this will help much but it&#039;s just a theory. You can&#039;t have IMail on the same server as the Microsoft SMTP service. That is because SMTP uses port 25 in both products. So, in order for you to use both SMTP services, you would have to change the port for one of the services. Either that, or you could turn off the IMAIL SMTP service, but that probably isn&#039;t something you could do, cause then your IMAIL server could recieve mail. Your best best would be to change the port of the Microsoft SMTP service. The only problem there, is that CDO doesn&#039;t allow you to set the port and server name that you need to use. So, your best bet is probably to find a 3rd party component for your ASP email sending pages.<BR><BR>I hope that this may help shed some light on the situation or at least point you in the right direction.<BR><BR>--Eric

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