sorry to place this in the advance section; however I can&#039;t seem to get help with this from anywhere.<BR><BR>Problem:<BR>whenever I try to create a new ASP.Net project <BR>in VS.Net I get a nasty error:<BR><BR>"Cannot create the offline cache in C:Documents and <BR>SettingsTEMPMy DocumentsVisual Studio <BR>ProjectsVSWebCache. Unable to create disk-based web at <BR>C:Documents and SettingsTEMPMy DocumentsVisual Studio <BR>ProjectsVSWebCache because its parent web would not be a <BR>disk-based web, create the disk-base web elsewhere <BR>outside of your servers documnent herirarchy." <BR><BR>Regardless of the directory I set the "Web Project Cache" to:<BR>Tools &#124 Options &#124 Projects &#124 Web Settings <BR>including:<BR>c:Documents and Settings%my usr name%VSWebCache<BR>I get the same error....(with this path mentioned in the error)<BR><BR><BR>Strange: If I set the "Web Project Cache" to:<BR>a:<BR>works fine; but of couse its using drive to create project files..and everytime I add a new file....which is not an option.<BR><BR>In IIS 5.1 the Home Directory is set to:<BR>C:WebSiteFiles<BR><BR>Hope someone can help with this....many thanks.<BR><BR>