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    Jenny Guest

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    Can anybody help me with this problem ......<BR><BR>When I try to attach to my server for debugging I get this error<BR><BR>&#039Unable to connect to the machine.<BR> Access is denied.<BR> Chheck the DCOM configuration settings for the Machine Debug Manager.&#039<BR><BR>How do you do this ??????<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Jenny.

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    spider Guest

    Default RE: IIS

    Hi Jenny, I guess I had the same problem in an other relation. In all cases you want to edit parts of your page, the NT-rights over your folders are important for that. So check out what rights you have chosen for your webfolder first.<BR>greez, Spider

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    Jenny Guest

    Default RE: IIS

    Thanks Spider .....<BR>How do I check the rights that I have chosen for the werb folder...<BR><BR>Jenny

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    David Mann Guest

    Default Permissions on folders

    Hi! If you want to check your permissions (rights) on your web folder, locate your folder on your server (usually in the www folder, although everyone&#039s mileage may vary =), and then right click the folder from within NT. After right clicking it, choose properties, then choose the Security tab at the top of the properties page.<BR><BR>From there, you should be able to choose Permissions, Auditing, and Ownership. Your concern is Permissions, for this is where you can set/change the permissions of your web folder. Make sure that you have the proper access set on it, then try again.<BR><BR>I hope this helps!<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR> --David

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    Jenny Guest

    Default RE: Permissions on folders

    Thanks David,<BR><BR>I think there is another problem which may be contributing to this error .....<BR>When I run my interdev project a message box appears saying &#039Can&#039t attach to Machine &#039Develop&#039&#039 .....<BR>How can I address this ....<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>John

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