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    Hi All, <BR> Sorry to bother you with such a basic question, but I haven&#039;t been able to find the answer to this anywhere. I&#039;m trying to see what the size constraint is on a collection for a bulk collect. I am trying to do something along the lines of the following:<BR><BR>DECLARE<BR> TYPE SalList IS TABLE OF emp.sal%TYPE;<BR> sals SalList;<BR>BEGIN<BR> SELECT sal BULK COLLECT INTO sals FROM emp;<BR> ...<BR>END;<BR><BR>Unfortunately, my query returns somewhere in the neighbourhood of 200,000 records. I am wondering if PL/SQL is capable of handling this easily or not. <BR><BR>I was doing some reading on this but haven&#039;t found out if there&#039;s a limit anywhere or not. Ofcourse it would be nice if I could break up my query, but at this point that does not appear to be a possibility. Any feedback on this would be great. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Rob<BR>

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    Hi Rob,<BR><BR>Could you clarify something here? Are you executing this procedure from an ASP page or rather trying to return that number of records into a recordset?<BR><BR>If yes, don&#039;t do it! ; )<BR><BR>For PL/SQL(or Oracle) alone, 200,000 is not really that many records, however it is relative to what you are trying to do with the data.<BR><BR>I just wonder if you are giving us the whole picture here. ; )<BR><BR>Why are you asking this question? Did you run into a particular problem or error?<BR><BR>I&#039;m assuming you tried this. ; )<BR><BR>Pete<BR>

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