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    D Menon Guest

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    how can i resolve url&#039s such that they are bracketed into three categories<BR>relative directory<BR>absolute to domain<BR>absolute universally<BR><BR>HELP !

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    If a URL starts with a "/", it&#039s absolute to the domain.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, there&#039s no good way -- short of a component pinging the http://URL to absolutely determine whether a url like "" means "" or just some sort of Organizational Chart for your Slashdot business group which is in the same directory.<BR><BR>The inverse of that is to use a FileSystem object, map the URL on the drive and see if a file exists. If you get an error or the file does not exist, then try to ping the URL; otherwise it&#039s a file. If you can&#039t ping the URL successfully, it&#039a broken link, regardless of where it was going.<BR><BR>HiH

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