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    I have a form in which my xsl generates unique field names with sequence numbers.<BR>HP1, HP2, HP3......HPn<BR>VP1, VP2, VP3.....VPn<BR><BR>I have plenty of fields in my form, but I&#039;m interested only with the names that starts with HP & VP.I want to be able to loop thro&#039; the form elements and grab only these two sets of field names and concatenate them this way:<BR>HP1;VP1<BR>HP2;VP2<BR><BR>It looks too complicated for me.Pls can some 1 help me<BR><BR>Thanks

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    &#062; It looks too complicated for me<BR><BR>so you haven&#039;t even tried??<BR><BR>c&#039;mon,. we&#039;re not here to write you code for you. we&#039;re here to help out when you get stuck. this isn&#039;t that hard, really. at least try something, then come back and I&#039;ll help.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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