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    We are uploading files from client web browser to the web server. This is done with a upload component on the server and using &#060;input type=file&#062; on client side. Are there some way by which we can hide the file control from the client side and use that to upload the files to the server? Also, after the file object is made hidden, how to populate the file name with the full path to the hidden control using Javascript.<BR>document.forms[0].filectrl.value="string" doesn&#039t work.<BR><BR>The main objective is to have store the filename hidden and to upload the file.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance.<BR>Karthick.

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    Karthick, what you are suggesting sounds very similar to stealing. I dont mean it in a bad way, I just mean to warn you in what you want to do. Taking files without the user knowing, could get you in some trouble. <BR> With the file input you can specify the folder location but not the file itself, and to hide well you can figure out a way if you decide to take the risk.<BR> The reason this is shady is that people could simply try to load up .sam files and crack NT passwords or something and there is a whole world of liability there. I would not advise trying to do this.

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    Karthick Guest

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    Thanks a lot Gary!!. Actually my requirement is to convert a few documents that the user selects to PDFs in the client side (it should be done only in the client side) zip it and then upload it to the server. So I thought I will use an activex control to do the PDF part, zip files and then use the upload component to upload it to the server. And I didn&#039t want the user to select the files twice. So I thought we will internally handle all that.<BR><BR>By the way any idea how to convert PDF&#039s in the client side ? Do we get some Activex controls for doing that ? <BR><BR>Any suggestion is welcome.

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