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    Dim strResult<BR><BR>&#039;Create an instance of the component<BR>set javaObject = GetObject("java:ZipFunctions")<BR>&#039;set javaObject = GetObject("java:java.util.Date")<BR> <BR>&#039;Execute the test method and output its result<BR>strResult = javaObject.test()<BR>response.write strResult<BR><BR>&#039;Clean up!<BR>set javaObject = nothing<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been researching this item for two days and haven&#039;t found the solution. Things I&#039;ve tried:<BR><BR>recompiling the class with the latest sun sdk.<BR>checking the registry to see that the classpath and the trustedlib is correct.<BR>the class files resides in the winnt/java/trustlib directory, but i&#039;ve also tried putting it in all the directories beneath the java directory.<BR><BR>i know that i can instantiate java objects because the above "set javaObject = GetObject("java:java.util.Date")" runs just fine.<BR><BR>i haven&#039;t found the javareg.exe on the box to try and run that. does it come with a later service pack or is it included with the jvm? the box is a win nt machine with service pack 3 installed. it is a new box, the class was working previously, but we updated hardware, the software installed is the same.<BR><BR>any help is much appreciated. thank you in advance.

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    Default Did you see this thread?<BR><BR>Is your class in any kind of namespace??? If so, you have to specifiy it fully and then put it in the right subdir of trustlib.<BR><BR>But beyond that, I can&#039;t think of anything.<BR><BR>I&#039;m a little surprised you are running on such an old, old, version of NT! I remember installing service pack *4* in about 1999 or so, as I recall. (It had PWS on it, and I was installing that to my new Win98 machine, so that&#039;s about the right timeframe. Might have been 2000.) <BR><BR>

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