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    I am upgrading to MS SQL server 2000 from MS Access 2000. I have two questions. <BR><BR>Firstly, as I have not used MS SQL server before, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good tutorial sites. I will be using SQL server for a project I am starting in the next couple of weeks, so I will need to know quite a lot by then (hopefully !!!).<BR><BR>Secondly, I have to ask if it is possible to convert MSAccess databases into SQL 2000 format. I would assume that because it is a Microsoft product that this would be possible, but again I would like to know how to do it.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    SQL Server comes with a great help file called "Books Online". It has all kinds of syntax information and examples. The web is also full of information. <BR><BR>SQL Server comes with built in import tools (DTS), which can import from Access easily. Some fields like True/False might have to be converted to "bit", but last time I ran from Access to SQL Server, it took care of it.<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR><BR>bizz

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