heeelp...rs too big to handle (I guess)

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    Hi,<BR>I made an ASP scipt that passes the query to SQL Server2000, and displays the results...And that worked fine when I put sum, count, min, max etc in SQL statement, i.e.<BR>SQL = &#039;SELECT MAX(Field), SUM(Field) as ssum, COUNT(Field) as snum, <BR>FROM Table WHERE some criteria&#039;...<BR>But when I wanted to display detailed results like<BR>SQL = &#039;SELECT * FROM Table WHERE some criteria&#039; , I couldn&#039;t get any data...I guess there are too many data to be displayed, because the database is quite big (therefore exists SQL Server2000).<BR>So I tried this:<BR>1. I narrowed the criteria but I guess still too much data to be handled<BR>2. I tried to write an ASP script that won&#039;t display the results in page, but write it down in textfile (for later review)<BR>Neither of efforts above did any improvement.<BR>Can any1 help with this?<BR>Thanx in advance,<BR>Mr.M.

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