I have some painfully simple ASP files that I&#039;m currently using. They are just some includes and a few If statements. Does it make sense for me to change these to ASPX pages? Will ASPX pages load faster, or be more stable, or more secure?<BR><BR>I didn&#039;t want to use ASPX just becuase I can, but it would be very simple to convert the pages over. Is there any reason why I should NOT make the switch? I have both capabilities on my web server, so unless there is some performance advantage (or other advantage) I don&#039;t really know why I would convert those pages, but it just seems like the thing to do.<BR><BR>Also, if anyone knows anything about creating global objects in .NET, I would appreciate if someone would reply to my post "Global Object without Visual Studio.NET"<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>-Steve