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    I &#039;ve installed WinXP today, when ever i am trying to save my any .asp files i am getting error "File operation Failed " "Access denied"<BR><BR>What do i need to do? If i log on as an "Administrator" i dont see any problems. <BR>Help me

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    Default XP by default...

    ...uses a too-simplistic file protection scheme.<BR><BR>Bring up My Computer.<BR>Click on Tools.<BR>Click on Folder Options.<BR>Click on the View tab.<BR>*UNCHECK* the box "Use simple file sharing (recommended)" [Yeah, really.]<BR><BR>Say OK to exit the dialog.<BR><BR>*NOW* go to any file or folder and view its properties.<BR>You should now have a new Tab added to the properties dialog: "Security".<BR><BR>From that tab you now have full control over how a file is shared with which users, including the ability to give full control to IUSR_xxxx (where xxxx is your computer name), the IIS and ASP user.<BR><BR>

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