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    Stephen Haberman Guest

    Default iis loads page twice

    I&#039ve run in to a problem with Windows 2000/IIS5. I&#039m running an ADODB update like "UPDATE [table] SET [counter] = [counter + 1;". Simple enough, right? Well, the counter is incremented by two each time the page loads. After checking the IIS log files, I discovered through trial and error that if I tag the body HTML tag out of the asp file, the error goes away. But as soon as I put it back in, it counts by two again. What the devil is going on? Can anyone help me out as this is annoying me to no end.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Stephen Haberman Guest

    Default update on the problem

    The problem is still happening, but now it seems that its only if I have an include file in an asp page. And only an include file that somehow has its contents written to the page (either in that page or in the first page via variables). I&#039m quite confused as it seems to be kind of inconsistent.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR>

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    Stephen Haberman Guest

    Default fixed

    Okay...here&#039s the thing. Whenever you have &#060;body background=#00000&#062; (any color code or any number of other attributes, doesn&#039t matter), IIS reloads the pages twice. So all database updates and what not happen TWICE. However, if you use &#060;body bgcolor=#000000&#062;, it works as expected. Quite strange if you ask me. Btw, this happens in IE4, NS4, and NS3, so it is IIS. Though I do have the problem fixed, if anyone could explain why this is happening, I would appreciate it.

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