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    Default Joining multiple tables in Oracle

    Okay, this isn&#039;t working for me in Oracle:<BR><BR>SELECT w1.project_id, w1.project_name, p1.comments, p1.permit_num, p1.permit_date, p1.mail_date_noi, p2.contact_name FROM water_pollution_prevention w1, pollution_prevention_permit p1, pollution_prevention_planner p2 WHERE w1.project_id=p1.project_id(+) and w1.project_id=p2.project_id(+)<BR><BR>Pretty simple join, but I&#039;m stuck.<BR><BR>Three tables. All have &#039;project_id&#039;.<BR><BR>Any help appreciated.

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    Default So what does

    "this isn&#039;t working for me" actually mean? ; )<BR><BR>Are you getting errors? Or it just isn&#039;t returning the records you expect?<BR><BR>As an aside, you do know you are doing an outer join there right (i.e - the (+) signs )? <BR><BR>Have you tried just joining two tables first and getting that working?

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