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    I have been away from .asp programming for about 12 months.<BR>I have a new client and I am looking for advice on whether I should build their custom apps with .asp or .net?<BR><BR>How is this tool doing? Is it building momentum? I&#039;ve seen missed messages in the media. Anybody have an opinion?<BR><BR>thanks, dh

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    Default Depends on the project.

    If the client is willing to allow you to write it in .NET and, you think you can do it - then, by all means, use .NET.<BR><BR>Otherwise, stick to ASP.

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    How did you see the "missed" messages :P<BR><BR>If the server-side functionality is trivial, stay with the asp you know.<BR><BR>If you think of yourself as a programmer, you will probably prefer asp.net, but there is a learning curve.<BR><BR>In the past year and a half I have done almost no .asp; just .Net.<BR>I never want to go back.<BR>

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