how to refresh the results of a query ?

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Thread: how to refresh the results of a query ?

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    I have a database in VFP, that is updated quite often.<BR>I need to query this database. To do so, I use a HTML file with a form to ask the user the parameters of the query. I direct the form to an ASP file where the parameters are read using request.form.<BR>It works fine.<BR>But I also want to have a metatag "refresh" in this ASP file so that the query is done again and again to show the updates, without having to ask the user each time for the parameters of his query.<BR>Is it possible ?<BR>Please send any help to as I won&#039t be able to access the forum next week.<BR>Thanks<BR>Catherine

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    The following solution may be tried,assuming that VisualInterdev is the developement enviornment and Scripting Object model is used<BR>Place the folllowing line of code in Onload() method of window object.<BR>------------------------------------------------<BR>window.setInterval("RefreshScreen()",1000);<BR >------------------------------------------------<BR>Add this client side function on the asp page.<BR>------------------------------------------------<BR>function RefreshScreen()<BR>{<BR>;<BR>}<BR>------------------------------------------------<BR>Result : Now this will refresh the page after every 1000 msec,thereby refreshing the query results with the latest content of the database<BR>

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