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    I have been trying to create an crypto class to encrypt/decrypt usernames/passwords for my system. I have used a variety of algorithims (RC2, DES...) and I&#039;m having the same problem with each one. The encrypted string will sometimes contain a space (after it has been encrypted), which isn&#039;t a problem until I try to decrypt it. It appears that spaces are ignored in the stream reader that I&#039;m using to decrypt, and the error states that "Length of the data to decrypt is invalid." I know this is because the string being sent across isn&#039;t divisible by 4 (only because the space(s) are ignored).<BR><BR>I am using examples directly off the msdn site to build these functions, and it doesn&#039;t mention anything about this problem.<BR><BR>Can anybody help? Does anybody have an example of a crypto class that might work better?

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    Still having this problem?<BR>Can you send me a link to the samples giving you the problem?

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