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    Hi,<BR><BR>i&#039;ve been looking at the microsoft data access application block code, and noticed that they store all of the parameters in a private hashtable.<BR><BR>Can anyone please explain what the advantage is of storing them in a private hashtable over normal cache? <BR><BR>Further to this, if you have a large system, with say 150 stored procs, quite a few of which won&#039;t be used that often, surely cache would be better as it manages itself in terms of getting rid of items that haven&#039;t been used for a while, as opposed to a private hashtable that doesn&#039;t appear to do this.<BR><BR>Thanks for any comments,<BR><BR>Andy

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    I dont think that we have the same easily accesible cache when building Windows apps that we have for ASP.Net<BR><BR>

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