401.2 Unauthorized: Logon Failed due to server con

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Thread: 401.2 Unauthorized: Logon Failed due to server con

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    Default 401.2 Unauthorized: Logon Failed due to server con

    I actually want the above error to appear in my page. I am using code already on another site, when a password and username arent supplied on that page it displays the error message. I want the same to happen on my page. But when you dont supply your name and password it loads the page anyway but asks for username and password each time you try to do something that refreshes the page. I want it to display the error and not load the page. I cant see why it would do this on the original page but not on mine when I include the same files. I have searched the net but there are only solutions for getting rid of the error, not actually trying to get it. If this solution requires viewing my code, dont worry, becuase there is too much of it. But if this is something that someone has encountered before than please share your experience.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default This is a stab in the dark, but...

    ...are you sure the permissions, etc. are set correctly? It sounds like they are, because you are being asked for username and password on refresh, but it&#039;s worth double-checking.<BR><BR>Also, is the page set to be cached or not? If it&#039;s cached, then it would show without username and password query the first time round, but not on a refresh. I suggest you make sure the server sends the page telling the proxy or client not to cache the page.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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