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    Derek I Guest

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    I first started developing an app (in NT 4.0 W, IIS4) accessing an Access DB. When I wanted to migrate to my new laptop (WIN98 F.E., therefore Personal WS), I have hit a problem on the second attempt to connect to Access. This sounds very simailar to the "Access to SQL Failed on Second Attempt", although I am using Access. Unfortunaltly the possible solution for the SQL will not work (changing Anonymous, C/R authentication) since PWS does not offer these features.<BR><BR>The page on which the second attempt fails will display all HTML up till the point of :<BR><BR> Server.CreateObject("adodb.connection")<BR><BR>at which point not only does the DB not connect, but it also locks up my taskbar for several minutes.<BR><BR>I do need to keep my laptop on 98, and do not have a big enough HDD to partition NT. Laptop is : CTX AMD K6 233 MMX (700E).<BR><BR>Any help appreciated<BR>

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    Derek I Guest

    Default RE: ODBC to Access Fail On Second Attempt (bug i.e

    I&#039m answering my own question for the benefit of anyone else. This problem relates to using I.E. 5 & PWS on WIN98.<BR><BR>Symtoms Include: Failure to connect to ODBC on second attempt<BR> Some system/application lock-up<BR><BR> After doing more research into this, I came across the article "BUG REPORT:IE 5 & PWS" @ <BR><BR>www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/pwsbug.shtml<BR><BR>which states that I.E. 5 updates 2 .dll&#039s with corrupt new versions. The above article gives instructions on how to replace with the older, working versions. Hope this helps someone else find it later

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