Hi, I am having a little trouble copying the log files and the mdb file in sql server 2000. What i normally do, after a month or so, I go copy all the files in the c:program filesms sql serverdata folder that has all the databases and the log files. If i have to restore the database, i just use sp_attach after I have recopied all the files back into that directory. I was trying to copy these files to a folder to burn to a cd and it kept saying that another process was using it. I shutdown the sql server and normally after I do that, there is another process in the Task Manager I have to stop to be able to physically copy those files. But there was no process running for sql server so I am confused on how to get those mdb and and log files. I have not backed up my data in a while and need to really figure this out. Is there a VB app that I can run that will copy those mdb and log files for me with some object I can use without getting the error &#039;file is in use by another program&#039;. I dont have the money for a tape backup or anything. That is why I do it manually. That is a weird error anyway, i am not moving the original file, just copying it to another place. Please help. I hope I am making sense.<BR><BR>OS=Windows 2000 Server<BR>Database=MS SQL Server 2000<BR>Database Service Pack=3<BR>OS Service Pack=3