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    Default HELP!!! Unexpected error 0x8ffe277b

    Hi everyone!<BR><BR>I have a problem with IIS 5.1 running on Windows XP.<BR><BR>After installation, when I go to the &#039;Web Sites&#039; folder and attempt to start the service I keep receiving the following..<BR><BR>Description: Error Default Web Site (Stopped)<BR>State: Stopped<BR>Host Header Name:<BR>IP Address: *All Unassigned*<BR>Port: 80<BR>Status: Unexpected error 0x8ffe227b occurred<BR><BR>I have tried reconnecting, reinstallation, and I have also downloaded Service Pack 1 but the error remains. Could there possibly be a conflict or do I need to download a patch to fix this??<BR><BR>I&#039;m really eager to get on with some ASP coding so if there&#039;s anyone that can give me some advice on the matter then I would be HUGELY grateful!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Ollie<BR>

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    Default What version of XP?

    IIS won&#039;t run with XP Home.<BR><BR>And if you have XP Pro, IIS should have come pre-installed.<BR><BR>???<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: What version of XP?

    XP Pro does not Pre-install on a default load. you have to add it (Thank Goodness) XP HOME does not run IIS

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