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    hello, <BR>i&#039;m designing an MS SQL data base, but have one problem, <BR>i need date and time logged to two different column. <BR><BR>but in sql is the data feild type is DateTime. <BR>so how can i make onr column log date <BR>and another log only time. insted of both in one feild? <BR><BR>in access db i&#039;m able to set for the date/time formats, <BR>is this possible in ms sql? <BR><BR>thanks in advance for your time!

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    Default Why?

    You don&#039;t need or want two different columns with two different indexes. You can use DatePart to pull records with a certain date format or a certain time only format in just the one column.<BR><BR>It is suggested that you use the one column with the datetime format.

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    PLEASE don&#039;t crosspost!<BR><BR>

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