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    Hi, when I set my session state to be cookieless in web.config, the images in my site which are not ASP.NET image controls are all missing. (I have to mnake sure I block cookies in my browser as well). <BR><BR>Presumably this is because the sessionid is put into the URL, hence the file cannot be found. My website is made up of a mixture of image controls and standard html img references and I need it to function with both types of image.<BR><BR>Can anyone advise me how I can rectify this problem? Or what is causing it?

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    I&#039;m guessing that the relative path to the image file has changed because of the extra folder/path entry for the id.<BR>You could try using full virtual paths ( /image/imname.gif ) everywhere.<BR>I think it is probably a browser issue so you could also try using a &#060;base &#062; tag.

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