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    Default Creating a Unique Order ID using ASP

    Hello all, <BR>I have developed a shopping cart in asp for my client, I have integrated it will a credit card processing gateway called Linkpoint. When a customer makes an order the details are sent to the client email, <BR>there is a unique order id that is generated by linkpoint according to the customers IP address and sent to the client... something like ... now my client would like to have the order id generate according to year, month, day and order of the day, something like : 03-07-26-001. <BR><BR>There is a data field "oid" that can be passed from our cart to create the order id ourselves...for example <BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="oid" value=""&#062; <BR><BR>If we are not passing this oid field with a value, Linkpoint creates its own based on the IP of the customer... a long oid as u see. <BR><BR>What my client now requires is create an order id (oid value) based on the year, month, day and order of the day something like...03-07-26-001 from the cart itself (created using ASP) and pass it to Linkpoint, insted of Linkpoint creating its own order id in such length. <BR><BR>somebody told me it can be done using session in asp, making use of global.asa...any idea on that? <BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Joby M John

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    Default I know your client would like you

    to use the "other" order id format, however is there a real reason behind it? The reason I ask is because it seems much easier to just let Linkpoint generate the unique order id for you.<BR><BR>If your client truly wants that other format, you could generate it as an "internal" order id and store it on their database. <BR><BR>IMHO, it just makes more sense to let your gateway do the work for you. ; )<BR><BR>As an aside, you can easily write yourself a function to generate that orderid format of &#039;03-07-26-001&#039;. However, can I make a suggestion, why not throw time in there too then you can easily determine when the order was made just by looking at the id. ; )<BR><BR>Pete

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