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    Default Parser CSV file!!

    I need to read from a CSV file in the format as below, then insert data into database: <BR><BR>stockno, make, model, price, description, engine, doors <BR>name,price,description,remark<BR>apple,1.2.3," good,bad","form ""china"""<BR><BR>because of the commas and double quote between the double quotes, I can not split the text by comma.<BR><BR>Any suggestion?

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    Default Hmmm...maybe don't parse?

    Treat the CSV file as a database and see if the JET engine can parse it for you???<BR><BR>The JET engine can be used to handle text databases, so I&#039;d try that first.<BR><BR><B R><BR>then scan down the page a little ways to <BR>"You can also open a Text file using the JET OLE DB Provider"<BR><BR>Be sure to follow the link to the MS knowledge base that he provides.<BR><BR>If that doesn&#039;t work, then come ask again.<BR><BR>

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