hi,<BR>i am trying to use nested datalist using two tables in one dataset.<BR><BR>now every item in the first list got a list ( that is the nested datalist ), depending on the value of each row in the table the first datalist uses..i want to populate the second datalist from the second table.<BR><BR>for example i want to do the following:<BR>---------<BR>toyota:<BR>car1, car2, car3<BR><BR>Mercedes:<BR>car9, car5, car4<BR>----------<BR>now row 1 in table "Types" contains toyota, and row 2 is Mercedes<BR><BR>Now car1, car2, and car3 are rows in the second table that have the foreign key &#039;toyota&#039;.<BR> and that is so for Mercedes.<BR><BR>can this happen in asp.net?!<BR>this is the best explaination of the problem ...i really need this and appreciate anyhelp :) thanx<BR>