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    Is there some code that I could use so that I can have everyone on the network in the office, load an asp page and it will then display all of the specs for their system? That way, they can then email me the specs so that I don&#039;t have to go around to every computer in the office and disturb people to let me get on their computers and check all of the info myself. I know how to get browser and operating system, but I&#039;m also trying to find out how much RAM they have, processor speed and anything else that would be useful. Those are the main things though. All of the computers are Windows machines, but range from 95 to XP. Unfortunately, this was never kept track of before.<BR><BR>Or does anyone know a better way to do something like this?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Wil<BR>

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    Default Need an ActiveX component...

    ...that can be run *from the browser*. And you&#039;d have to install it on each and every machine. And set up security to allow its use.<BR><BR>Realistically, it would be easier to just construct a little Visual Basic program that they would run on their machine that would then connect to some central DB server and post their info into a DB. They wouldn&#039;t even have to install the program on their machine; just execute it on their machine from some central shared directory.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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