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    I have a client who uploads excel files and a text file. The text file contains information about each excel file to be displayed on the webpage. I import the text file into a SQL database.<BR><BR>The text file includes the name of the excel file, but sometimes either the excel file does not get uploaded, or the excel file name does not match the file name that was included in the text file.<BR><BR>I have written an script to identify all files that do not exactly match (using the FileExists method), but I am wondering if there is a way to use a LIKE statement (like in SQL) to check for files that begin with the case number (all excel files start with the case number). Then I would know that a file exists for the case number, and that would tell me that there is a type-o.<BR><BR>Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    Default No, but... hard would it be to loop through all the file names in the upload directory and use INSTR on their names to look for a match?<BR><BR>

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