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    Everyone,<BR><BR>Maybe someone on this chat board can help me with this problem.<BR>I have created a rather small application that does nothing more than display a few text files on the screen.<BR><BR>The user can select the file and then the text file will be opened and displayed.<BR><BR>Now the problem.<BR>I have created three buttons on the bottom of the page.<BR>When I load the page and then click on of the buttons, like go some place else, it works. However, if I load and view a text file then try to click the button to go elsewhere, it does not work. I click the button 1000 times and it does not do anything.<BR><BR>Any ideas on what I am doing wrong.<BR>I am using response.redirect for redirecting to other pages.<BR>When the button is clicked it goes to an classic asp page instead of another .NET page. I was told to use response.redirect over server.transfer for purpose of compatibility between the two versions.<BR><BR>Bill

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    can you post some code? maybe a URL so I could check it out?<BR>

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