I have a web form that needs to validate address field in Sweden. But in Sweden, a lot of addresses don&#039;t have addresses so I cannot use RequiredFieldValidator.<BR><BR>I am still required to make this active, to at least give the user an opportunity to type in an address IF they had one. <BR><BR>I then tried a CustomValidator but by design, the CustomValidator event will not fire if the field is left blank so there goes that idea... <BR><BR>I&#039;m kinda stuck at this point. Anyone has any ideas? Changing the business logic is not going to happen.<BR><BR>To recap, form field needs to validate if left blank. However, we are accepting &#039;blank spaces&#039; as a substitute if no address is available. Oh, and this needs to show up in the validationsummary which I&#039;m using for the rest of the form fields that are legitimately using requiredfieldvalidator. <BR><BR>Thanks!