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    I&#039;ve got this site im putting together in asp/ What I&#039;m tryin to do is use .net to login in to a site. Sounds simple enough right...well..the only login form I am able to access (this is someone else&#039;s site im trying to login to) is a asp form with your basic form action with url and it has images used to submit the form. When you login to the old asp form...the form doesnt add the post information to the gets processed on their servers and then redirects me to where i want to go. if i do build the url with the login information, the sites notices this and aways gives me a new site user page....i get in..but not where i want to go. <BR><BR>i have tried almost every various httpwebrequest, webrequest/response trick i can find on the web. Another developer I&#039;m working with knows Cold Fusion, and he has shown me it has the ability to almost &#039;mimic&#039; the webform and do the tasks im tryin to get done. i really want this site to be .net and would love any advice you have as to how to: <BR>1) use .net but "mimic" the old asp form like CF does using HTTPPARAM <BR>2) control the data that is returned from the post (this not as important as #1) <BR><BR>Thank you for any advice you have!! <BR><BR>

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    But, if you are looking for ASP.NET code that doesn&#039;t use server side controls or code-behind, download the source code for our .NET Threaded Forum.<BR><BR><BR><BR>If this isn&#039;t what you want, then please clarify.

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