Could use some guidance with regards to Repeaters.

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Thread: Could use some guidance with regards to Repeaters.

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    Default Could use some guidance with regards to Repeaters.

    I&#039;m really struggling with coming up with a way to set this up, so if you have a minute, I&#039;d really appreciate it...<BR><BR>Basically I have a Table of Items, and a Table of Comments that corespond to the Items. I am trying to render this Item by Item, listing all the comments for an Item beneath that Item. I also need some sort of button or link next to each item to allow users to add a comment.<BR><BR>First pass, I made a Dataview of the items and the comments and looped through the Items, filtering the Dataview of Comments, and displaying them with each iteration through the Items loop. This worked fine but I ran into problems creating a button/link next to each item that would submit the page with the Item&#039;s ID. Couldn&#039;t figure out a way to do that.<BR><BR>My second attempt was to set up a Repeater. I bound the Repeater to my Item Table, and tried to put a label after each item with the ItemTemplate, which I was going to populate in the code-behind. Not much luck there...<BR><BR>Anyway, it&#039;s a fairly simple problem, but I haven&#039;t worked with this stuff much at all, so I&#039;m stuck... :-(

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    Default RE: Could use some guidance with regards to Repeat

    hi,<BR><BR>are you talking about nested repeaters?<BR>if so check out:<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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