Ok. I have 1 box that is already present. when a button is pressed another is created on the fly.<BR><BR>intRunTotal1 equals the value that was just entered<BR>intRunTotal2 equals the value of the new box that was just <BR>generated - value would be 0 because the box hasnt been populated yet with any figure<BR><BR>What I&#039;m trying to do is get a running total of the numbers entered in each box. having trouble though. can anyone help?<BR><BR>// = the last one entered<BR>var intRunTotal1 = new Number(document.AddTime.hours[lengthForCal-1].value);<BR> <BR>// = the one that hasnt been entered yet<BR>var intRunTotal2 = new Number(document.AddTime.hours[lengthForCal].value);