I have the following code: <BR><BR>if (lengthForCal &#062; 1) <BR>{ <BR>// = the last one entered <BR>var intRunTotal1 = new Number(document.AddTime.hour[lengthForCal-1].value); <BR> <BR>// = the one that hasnt been entered yet <BR>var intRunTotal2 = new Number(document.AddTime.hour[lengthForCal].value); <BR>alert(intRunTotal1); <BR>} <BR><BR>In my page, I have one row of input boxes displayed, then im using javascript to create another row whenever a button is pushed. <BR><BR>lengthForCal equals the number of rows. I&#039;m trying (and having difficulty) figuring out how to add the all values in each input box that is created. <BR><BR>For example, I start with 1 row. the hours field is equal to 3, then i create another and set the hours to 4, then another and set it to 5. I want to get a running total. Can anyone help me with this??? <BR>