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    I&#039;m a beginner.Please do help me.<BR><BR>the structure of the table is as below:-<BR><BR>Database used:- MS-Access 2000<BR>NAME OF THE TABLE-contacts<BR><BR><BR><BR>groupname-*<BR><BR>id(Autonumber)-PRIMARY KEY<BR>Username(Name of the person)-Text(size-150)<BR>MailAddr(Email-id of the person)-Text(Size-80)<BR>Residence(Residential Address)-Text<BR>Phone(Residence phone number)-Number<BR>Fax(Residence Fax Number)-Number<BR>Mobile(Mobile number)-Number<BR>Company(Name of the company working)-Text<BR>Address(Address of the company)-Text<BR>dept(name of the department working)-Text<BR>office(Office phone number)-Number<BR>officefax(Company fax number)-Number<BR>notes(General Notes)-Text<BR><BR>*groupname=This field contains registered username, when the user log into his account he will be able to view or edit the details pertaining to only his account and he should not be able to see other users account or records.<BR><BR>This is like a database website wherein a new user registers and a new space for his records is created under his name in groupname field in the table contacts. <BR><BR>I have entered details to the database and when i click the update button against particular person a new page should be opened wherein I can update fields. <BR><BR><BR>Thanx<BR>Pradeep<BR>

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    this is first-principles stuff. can I suggest you look on www.webmonkey.com for the &#039;my first web database&#039; tutorial (it&#039;s under programming/asp<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>http://rtfm.atrax.co.uk/

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