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    I need help in query <BR>Below I am just pasting the from statement :<BR><BR>FROM ORD_Order O <BR>left outer join POR_Purchase_Order P on (O.Order_id=P.Order_Id) <BR>left outer join Del_Delivery_Notice D on (P.Purchase_Order_ID=D.Purchase_Order_Id )<BR><BR><BR>I want to display all the orderID from the ordertable which might OR might not be in purchase_order_table AND which might or might not be in Delivery_notice_table.<BR><BR>The way the tables &#039;ORD_Order&#039; table AND &#039;POR_Purchase_Order&#039; are linked is through Order_id field present in &#039;ORD_Order&#039; and &#039;POR_Purchase_Order&#039; Table .<BR>The Only way &#039;Del_Delivery_Notice &#039; is linked to &#039;POR_Purchase_Order&#039; table is through Purchase_Order_Id . **&#039;Del_Delivery_Notice &#039; Table does not have Order_Id field .<BR><BR>How will I display all data from ord_order table ?<BR><BR>Thanks for help <BR>:)<BR>

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    The way you have it now seems ok to me, what&#039;s not working?<BR><BR>This shows all records from the ORD_Order table.

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