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    I'm having trouble configuring a form using that stores results in a SQL database and simultaneously emails the form data to a recipient with pages. I can get it to do either/or, but not both. Since I can't easily pass variables from one .net page to another, I'm not sure how best to proceed. Any ideas?

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    Default Try building components.

    Can we see what your code looks like? It sounds like you&#039;re trying to build a web form for each of those functions you are trying to implement. You should try building a couple components (classes); one that does the work of persisting the data to the database, and the other that sends an email with the data. <BR><BR>This will make it easier to reuse the functionality you have created in other parts of your apps (or even other apps!). This will also help you create an application that is more losely (sp?) coupled to the presentation layer you are working with (i.e. Web Forms in ASP.NET). There are many ways to break down and architect the components that I am suggesting, but the idea is to get them out of the UI code!<BR><BR>There is definitely something said for doing things the right way, and CLS-compliant languages (i.e. C#, VB.NET) make it easy for us to do it right these days. Good luck to you!

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