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    Hey guys,<BR>I have an ASP page that passes a path of an XML schema to a middle-tier component. From my ASP page I am setting path as:<BR>dim sPath<BR>sPath = Server.Mappath("test.xsd")<BR><BR>This works fine as long as both the middle-tier component and the ASP pages are on the same machine and of course the .xsd file is present in the virtual directory. But if the middle-tier is installed in an application server by itself and the ASP pages in a webserver, then this creates a problem. Is there a way to pass the path as an http://? Please shed some ideas.<BR><BR>thanks.

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    I&#039;ve written paths to files using http://...<BR>Also by mapping \ausdsbbb22inetpubwwwrootfolderfile.xls,<BR>with no problems.

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