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    i ahve an asp page with a button on it &#039;customize&#039;. when the user clicks on customize, he can select which items he wants to view when ever he logs in again.<BR><BR>i mean if he/she selects username, userid, telephone number, mobile number <BR><BR>then only those fields will be displayed in the form.<BR> now suppose that what ever he/she chooses is entered in the datbase.<BR><BR>how do i go abt it<BR><BR>thanks in advanced

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    &#062; how do i go abt it<BR><BR>well storing the data is about as basic as it gets. see the FAQs categiory databases.<BR><BR>as for displaying based on what&#039;s in the DB, this is also dead basic. see also FAQs, database and FAQs on conditionals (if/else)<BR><BR><BR><BR>j

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