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    I am going to be building a site that will have alot of thumbnails and images along with data. Initially I thought that the pages will perform better if the data, images and thumbnails were all inside of an access db. Now I am thinking that maybe I should put the images and thumbs in the images folder. I want the user to be able to click on a thumb in the left frame and have the full size image appear in the right frame. If I have the thumbs and images in a db then each time the user clicks a different thumb that is a trip to the db(refresh). However if they are in the images directory, no refresh or trip to the db=faster?? <BR>Any thoughts on this? Advice is appreciated.<BR>TIA!!

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    Default Put them in a directory...

    I would have an Images table in the DB. This table can have any kind of data you want about the image as well as an Auto Number field. <BR><BR>I would then name each image as it&#039;s primary key in the database. So if this was a database record:<BR><BR>Name &#124Date &#124AutoNumberField<BR>--------------------------------------------<BR>MyImage 1/1/03 113<BR><BR>I would name the image 113.gif<BR><BR>this way you can do this in ASP: <BR><BR>&#060;img src="/Images/&#060;%=Rs("AutoNumberField")%&#062;.gif"&#062;<BR ><BR>

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