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    Hi all,<BR>I need to write an SQL to get the the names of students who&#039;s taking English 102, and from these English 102 students, I need to know if they&#039;ve taken English 101 yet. Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>2 tables: TableName and TableClass<BR>TableName: FieldName, FieldClassID<BR>TableClass: FieldClassID, FieldClassDesc <BR><BR>The output should be something like this:<BR>Name Class102 Class101<BR>----------------------<BR>Ammy 102 <BR>Ben 102<BR>David 102 101<BR>Mary 102 101<BR>Robert 102<BR>Steve 102

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    Select TN.Name, TC1.classdesc, tc2.classdesc from tableName TN LEFT JOIN tblClass TC1 on TC1.FieldClassID = TN.fieldClassID LEft JOIn TABLECLASS TC2 ON TC2.FieldClassID = tn.fieldclassID<BR>group By TN.Name, TC1.fieldClassID, tc2.FieldCalssID<BR><BR>HTH<BR>D.

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