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    Hi,<BR><BR>My query string is supposed to pass the form id in a email. Every time the form is submitted it keeps passing the same id which is 0. I thought when I&#039;m assigning its value i just reference the name of that column but that doesn&#039;t work. Here&#039;s what I have so far.<BR><BR>Imports alpaEmail<BR><BR>Namespace ASPNetPortal<BR> Public MustInherit Class ATAGrievance<BR> Inherits ASPNetPortal.PortalModuleControl<BR><BR><BR> <BR> Private GrievanceItemID As Integer<BR> <BR><BR><BR> Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load<BR><BR> Dim users As New UsersDB()<BR> Dim SingleUserDr As SqlDataReader = users.GetSingleUser(Context.User.Identity.Name)<BR > <BR> Dim StrEmail As String<BR> StrEmail = "Not Available"<BR> <BR><BR> SingleUserDr.Read()<BR> strName = Trim(SingleUserDr("FirstName")) & " " & Trim(SingleUserDr("LastName"))<BR> txtName.Text = strName<BR> lblDate.Text = Format(Now, "dddd, MMM d yyyy")<BR> txtEmail.Text = SingleUserDr("Email")<BR> txtAlpaNumber.Text = SingleUserDr("Id_No")<BR> If txtEmail.Text = "" Then<BR> txtEmail.Text = StrEmail<BR> End If<BR> SingleUserDr.Close()<BR><BR> &#039;Dim users2 As New UsersDB()<BR> &#039;Dim UserMbrDr As SqlDataReader = users.GetUserMbrInfo(Context.User.Identity.Name)<B R> &#039;Dim strAirMne As String<BR> &#039;&#039;Dim strCncl As String<BR><BR> End Sub<BR><BR> Private Sub btnSubmit_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles btnSubmit.Click<BR><BR> <BR> GrievanceItemID = (GrievanceItemID) &#039;This is where I thought I was assigning the value<BR> Dim ae As New alpaEmail()<BR> Dim mssg As New Mail.MailMessage()<BR><BR> mssg.From = txtEmail.Text<BR> mssg.To = ""<BR> mssg.Subject = "Grievance Submitted"<BR> mssg.Body = txtName.Text & " " & "has submitted a grievance for your review " & vbCrLf & "" & GrievanceItemID

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    Weird. I don&#039;t see where you&#039;re setting the value. You assign a variable value to the same variable value (which has not been set). <BR><BR>Maybe I&#039;m missing something...

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