I have a list of items stored in xml, along with their data. I have given the user the opion to check which items they want to delete (checkboxes), and henceforth, I am deleting the corresponding item nodes. Also, while deleting it, Im updating my total (which I need later). The deletion as well as the calculations are working just fine in IE6.0. But Im facing some problem in IE5.5 - The record is being deleted, but the calculation is not happening. Conversely, if I remove the RemoveChild line, then the calculation is happening.<BR>Im totally lost as to why this is happening. Can anyone tell me what the problem could be?<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the relevant code:<BR><BR>for counter=1 to ctrd &#039;looping through the item list.<BR> del_chk=Request.form("rem"&counter) <BR> if del_chk="on" then<BR> del_id=Request.form("sno"&counter)<BR> if del_id="" then del_id=0<BR> response.write "1" &#039;this is being printed<BR> for each nodefind in bookmarked.selectnodes("product[@sno="""&del_id&"""]")<BR> total_val=cint(nodefind.text)*1.5<BR> response.write "2" &#039;not being printed<BR> grandtotal=grandtotal-total_val<BR> bookmarked.removechild nodefind &#039;record being deleted<BR> next<BR> response.write "3" &#039;being printed<BR> end if<BR>next <BR><BR>Thanx<BR>SB