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    I have developed an intranet site for the internal transactions and report generation, by using ASP and back end as SQL server 7.0. We have around 64 tables and the total data size is around 15,000 records max.Am populating the combo boxes from the back end using ASP scripts.When i take the edit/Delete transaction pages it is taking around 60 seconds to populate all the controls and to view the total page.For edit type of transactions, the customer will chose a transaction no, then on select event of the combo i will generate a sql query (which will join several, max 4 ,tables) to take the data and to pupolate the text boxes and the combo.I wonder even if it's an intranet server of P4 processor and 512 MB RAM etc, then also for geting the pages of such edit transaction,it;s taking this much long time.It's is happning when taking in Server itself or in any other client machine.can u pls tell me a way to increase the performance of my site.

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    first thing to do is convert all your SQL code to stored procedures wherever posible. in SQL 7.0 you&#039;ll see a big performance improvement there.<BR><BR>second, use GetRows() or GetString() wherever possible. cut down on unnecessary data display. make sure your HTML is valid (thus cutting rendering time) and uase the open late/close early methodology for connections<BR><BR>furthe than that I&#039;d need to see the code, probably....<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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