Hi all<BR>At present the user selects text to be made a link, they execute a function to generate a showmodaldial box, that contains a script that lists all files in the site, the user then clicks on get location to send the location of the file to a text box where then they click insert link to have the selected url appear in the link back in the origianl window.<BR><BR>Now I am trying to add a target paramater to the link, but I cant seem to pass this second parameter to the link.<BR><BR>fucntion that generates the showmodaldialog (link selection page)<BR>function insertlink() {<BR>if (isHTMLMode) {<BR> alert("Please uncheck &#039;Edit HTML&#039;");<BR> return;<BR> }<BR> var slink = showModalDialog("sellink.asp","","dialogHeight: 500px; dialogWidth: 700px; dialogTop: px; dialogLeft: px; edge: Raised; center: Yes; help: yes; resizable: Yes; status: yes;" );<BR> if (slink != null) cmdExec("CreateLink",slink); <BR>}<BR><BR><BR><BR>I thought that the slink variable back in the original page would include my second value on return but it does not.<BR><BR>function submitlink(){<BR> window.returnValue = document.linkform.url.value + document.linkform.urltarget.value;<BR> window.close();<BR> self.close();<BR> }<BR><BR>Any help is much appreciated.