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    I know I should provide code but it really is too much to place here:<BR><BR>Problem: i have a recordset value that I want to write <BR>eg.&#060;%=strPlot%&#062; <BR><BR>this is writing the value out on my system at home; however why not on a production server...where there is valid data present? <BR>what are some possible issues here, very difficult to debug when its appear here and not on the client site. Many thanks guys.

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    You&#039;re right. You should post relevant code snippets.<BR><BR>I&#039;d have to say that it is because strPlot is empty. When you say that there is valid data present, how do you know that if you cannot see it?<BR><BR>If you have an "on error resume next," comment that out to see if there&#039;s some sort of type or emptry recordset that you don&#039;t expect to be empty.<BR><BR>Ray at work

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