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    Default Remote Access ????

    I have just paid for a web host. Just found out that it is hosted on Linux, but uses ASP using Chillisoft! ASP add-in. I have never come across this but I know that my access database is not support it. I also joined up to a free host service. Could I store my access database on the free host and use it with the paid host even though they are on seperate servers ????

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    Default You maybe *could*

    but you *shouldn&#039;t* It would be very slow and it would depend on if the host has Remote Provider drivers installed. <BR><BR>PLUS ChiliSoft doesn&#039;t support everything that VBScript does, so I recommend that you get your money back and go elsewhere.<BR>

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    Default Told them to forget .......

    the package. I want true ASP not some Linux rip off that wont allow me to use Access databases!!!

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